My Passion

Like the major lot, my passion too is to stay fit and healthy. I do accept that this has been my long dreamt dream. As a mother of two kids, there were a lot of times when I have found excuses and reasons for not working out and keeping myself fit. There were times that my beautiful dresses didn’t fit me anymore. And there were times when I would hold my breath to conceal my belly fat.

And one fine day that I decided that enough is enough and just wishing is not going to give me any difference and a serious solution has to be planned to getting back to my original shape. I very well knew that, it is not going to be an easy task, but I also understood that nothing is impossible with continued perseverance and strong will power. Hence I planned my fitness regime in such a way that it doesn’t disturb my day-to-activities. This demanded an hour in the wee hours of the morning and I felt it a very hard task to wake up early in spite of going to bed late.

This was the time my whole day-to-day schedule took an entire shift. I organized my day accordingly. I made it a point to go to bed early, so as to wake up early. This was also possible since I had a lot of productive time in the morning and exercising made me feel light and energetic and it actually filled my day with energy. The very thought of me working out daily recharged me. Though the end result of my turmoil will be late to realize, the everyday results I got in fact motivated me to go ahead.

Now after two years of continued workout regime under a professional trainer, I have not only regained my lost shape but also my lost confidence. And I am very proud that I have attained my target with my enduring passion.